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About this course

Here's a taster of the type of course we want you to experience; it's relaxed, informal and most importantly, extremely useful and effective.

Everything we teach you at Tricres has been tried and tested by the partners and associates who design the lessons and programmes.  

This Introduction to Business Development gives you some quick and easy ways to improve your sales by developing more business.  Any great salesperson will tell you it's not rocket science.  You don't need endless research to tell you that selling is about building great relationships and then asking for the business.  

We tell you how to start doing exactly that.

Course content

Welcome to increasing your sales

The Business Development Model

Make more sales

This seems like an obvious thing to say. Yes, we absolutely know you will make more sales and create more opportunities for your business by following the steps we lay out for you in our business development lesson.

Feel happier doing business development activities

Even if you thing you are hopeless at business development, we reassure you that its simply about working out who you want to speak to or work with and then go about making those connections and having a chat with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I quadruple my sales overnight?

No. We teach you how to build long term, sustainable relationships in business which keep giving over many years. If you want a quick fix, you need to go to other flashier, brasher sites.

Will I feel more confident in my business development activities?

Yes. We'll show you how business development is all about connecting with people and building strong working relationships.

Will I win the lottery or suddenly become more attractive to the opposite sex?

No. But you will be able to sell more of your services and feel very good about the results you achieve.

Meet the expert

Rebecca Bonnington, MSc Coaching

A successful business owner since 1999, Rebecca is an award winning director with a wealth of experience in sales, executive coaching, corporate training and business consulting and coaching. She’s been personally endorsed by Dr Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP.


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David Paton

It's common sense and not new - but refreshingly put and clearly based on experience

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