Introduction to Negotiation

Intro to Negotiation, get the deals you want

Ground level negotiation skills.

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About this course

Some people are scared of negotiating.  Some people love it.

We have found that across the globe, there are entire countries where negotiating is almost a way of life and others in which people would rather poke themselves in the eye with a sharp stick than attempt to negotiate.

It's our experience that very few people have even read a single book on negotiating, let alone received any formal training on the subject, which probably explains why this is one of Nick's most popular courses.  

Whether you are negotiating with your next door neighbour about parking spaces or attempting to facilitate the smooth handover of over power in a country, as Nelson Mandela did, there are some basic, fundamental principles to every negotiation.

This course covers them. 

Course content

Introduction to Negotiation

Get the basics right

Having a BATNA and a ZOPA

Principled Negotiation

Getting more of the deals you want

This course sets you up to succeed in negotiations in everyday business situations. We're not teaching you how to become a UN negotiator, just someone who can negotiate their way to the kind of deals that help them grow their business.

Feeling confident in your negotiation skills

Half the battle when it comes to negotiation is feeling confident in your abilities. Having some tried and tested tools in your toolkit will give you that confidence to succeed more often.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a completed novice when it comes to negotiation, will this course help me get started?

Yes it will. We give you some solid basic skills you can practice straight away.

Will this course help me negotiate where to go on holiday with my partner or loved ones?

Probably not. However, the skills you learn in this course can be applied in all kinds of work and life situations.

Meet the experts

Nick Davies (Barrister)

Nick is in demand throughout the world. His clients are multi-national law firms and global businesses who demand his insightful, funny and engaging courses in networking, negotiation, business development, public speaking and more. He is a guest lecturer at the University of Dublin Business School.

Rebecca Bonnington, MSc Coaching

A successful business owner since 1999, Rebecca is an award winning director with a wealth of experience in sales, executive coaching, corporate training and business consulting and coaching. She’s been personally endorsed by Dr Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP.

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