Economic Engine

Economic Engine

What are the blockages of growth to your sales? We show you how to find and fix them.

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About this course

Every business needs money flowing into it in order to survive and thrive.  The Economic Engine keeps the wheels of the business turning and allows you to invest in the future growth of the business. 

This model helps you identify every single aspect of that engine and fine-tune it.

You will discover that there are parts of your sales or revenue cycle that are working beautifully and there will be parts that you've forgotten all about.  

Get a straightforward diagnosis and learn which tools and courses you need to treat these issues effectively.

Course content

Introduction to The Economic Engine

The Economic Engine Model: Purpose, Vision & Mission and Values

How You Create Value and Market Focus

Finding Customers and Sales

Operations and Relationships

Improve your sales cycle dynamic

Most businesses just focus on selling more stuff more more people and rarely stop to think about the different elements of their Economic Engine. This model clearly identifies where the blockages to increasing those revenues are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will using the Economic Engine model accelerate my sales?

Yes. If your sales have stalled or you don't think they're as good as they could be, then really taking time to identify the blockage and fixing that will accelerate sales growth.

How long does implementing the Economic Engine take?

It depends on the size of your business and the number of people involved in generating revenues. Anything from one day to one year - depending on the pace of the business.

Meet the expert

Rebecca Bonnington, MSc Coaching

A successful business owner since 1999, Rebecca is an award winning director with a wealth of experience in sales, executive coaching, corporate training and business consulting and coaching. She’s been personally endorsed by Dr Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP.


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