Building a Brilliant Brand

Building a Brilliant Brand

A brand is not a logo, so what, then, is it? Lauren takes you through the process of building a brilliant brand

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About this course

When you start your business or when you're ready to take it to the next level, it's really important to fully understand brand and branding and to get it right.  We've put this course into the Business Development and Economic Engine part of the platform because it sits beautifully with the nine-spoke wheel of the Economic Engine, which is all about building revenues and value.

Your brand will catapult you to the stars or leave you languishing in the mud.

Investing in your brand is crucial to grow your business.  If you're truly ambitious and want to grow the value of your business, then taking the time and money to invest in your brand will serve you very well.

Lauren takes you step by step through the often mysterious process of creating a brand. Use this course to inform you on the basics of brand and branding, how you build your story, through to how to choose your designer and how you communicate with them.  It will help you get exactly what you want.  

You can always contact Lauren by booking a 20 minute discovery call with her here.  Her time is just as precious as yours, so we charge a tiny fee of £20, which will be refunded against any work she carries out for you. 

Want to speak to Lauren?  Click here to book a 20 minute call (we charge £20, but you get that back if you work with her)

Course content

What is this brand thing?

Introduction to brand

The Importance of brand

Trust Matters

Before you begin....

The Double Diamond

Discovery Phase

Define stage

Design Stage (the fun bit)

Delivery and Conclusions

Brilliant Brand = High Value Business

Knowing where to begin in building a valuable brand takes expertise that most business owners don't have. It's a specialist skill and this course gives you the knowledge you need to optimise the work you do with the people who create your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a brand?

It's a jolly good question and one which Lauren answers clearly in this course.

Why is a brand important to growing the value of my business?

When you look at our Growth Accelerator Audit, you'll notice Brand Architecture is at the top. The right brand can add millions to the value of your business.

Meet the expert

Lauren Jones

Lauren believes that a big, bold, brand isn't just for the giant corporates of this world.  She works tirelessly with SME businesses to create brands that help them punch well above their weight.

She is passionate about creating brands that reflect the purpose, vision and passion of the founders.

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